Positive Vibes Consulting (Education, Counseling, & Financial)

Here are some ancillary services provided by Positive Vibes Inc.
DJ Seko Varner (Seko Benjamin-Eric Varner, M.Ed) is experienced in Counseling, Education, Real Estate, and Financial Services. His entertainment career began in Middle School. He is a graduate of Hampton University (1990), of Regent University (2014) and George Washington University (2016)

Here are some other services that Seko has connected with Positive Vibes Inc. that one might benefit from:
Seko Varner providing motivational speaking services:

Seko Varner's presentation on the Bible's messages about finance:
Recorded 10/4/2016 at First Lynnhaven Baptist Church, DJ Seko B.E. Varner from Positive Vibes Inc. discusses some of the wise financial messages in the canonized Bible and shares some resources for better financial guidance by the likes of Michelle Singletary, Rabi Daniel Lapin, and Dave Ramsey.

Seko's Varner's services to assist in the removal of consumer Debt.
Call Seko (757-932-0177) to reduce the monthly amount paid and interest rate of your debt.