Love is the greatest measure - DJ Seko Varner

It's three months later and I still rested uneasy when this event popped into my mind. Tonight I realized what was bothering me. I may have been using the incorrect ruler.

In all honesty the event was beautiful and emotionally the event was touching. The bride was a knock out. Her dress simply amplified her beauty and the groom made the tuxedo look enchanting. The Evangelical Christian tone of the ceremony truly set the mood, and became the central focus for the event. The family of both the bride and groom lit the ballroom with smiles and tears-of-joy which were thrilling and humbling to observe. The guests were almost as captivating as the post-ceremony view of the couple at the top of the stairwell preparing to make their descent into the reception. The music for the ceremony was a lovely mix of a live pianist, a live singer, and Jazzy-Gospel music I played for the prelude's prelude. The microphone I set-up for the live singer worked perfectly, the microphone used to ensure that the Bride-Groom-Officiant trio were all easily heard worked without a flaw. The bride entered being serenaded by a great enthralling voice. The officiant began the ceremony with an interesting mini-sermon on salvation and had an altar call (Will you accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior ?). I couldn't wait for the recessional as the groom choose a popular Earth, Wind, and Fire song to "Groove" (hint-hint) their way into the reception........... As a performer one learns that the audience is very much a part of the performance. This is one of the few events where I don't feel that I connected with the crowd in a way that enhanced every moment.

The upscale formal reception had a very casual, worshipful, and jovial feel. Singing and swinging along to great soulful music didn't seem to capture the ambiance of this celebration. The groom hinted to me "Do you think you could play some Gospel ? Maybe we should do all Gospel instead ?" I smiled knowing that I had just switched over to Gospel Jazz about 45 seconds before approaching the groom to "check-in". Shaking the groom's hand I replied "No problem my friend, I'll keep it just like this." It was a heart-warming sight to see the guests shower the couple with love. The guests were so comfortable with each other, embracing the religious overtone, and celebrating the newly bonded family that a throw-down party wasn't going to be icing on the cake. I hadn't received a complaint. I actually received a great deal of compliments. "You seem so professional. Can I have your card ?"..... "Thanks for playing the Gospel music. Most DJs don't carry Gospel."......."Hey Seko. It's good to see you at this event. I know everything is going to go right." The coordinator Tamara Hundley even told me "You're doing great. Everything is going great !" after I shared with her that I just didn't feel as connected as I wanted to be. Three months later I know that I actually felt disconnected because I realized that this event wasn't going to be the high energy 'laugh-sing-dance-cry-shout-party' that I've become known for...... I also realized that I measure the success of the event and my performance upon creating and maintaining those high energy 'laugh-sing-dance-cry-shout-parties'. As much as I planned to rock everyone's world, my world was the one that was rocked. This event was going to be remembered and memorialized on the merits of the glowing love and support of the guests.

We definitely had a ball during the "line dance party". We got our 'Wobble-Wobble' on, and even did the "Get Your Praise On Line Dance" along with other popular favorites. As I put on the last line dance, "The Electric Slide" I felt my heart grow heavy. I knew that that this was the end of the dancing. The remainder of the event was a square focus on hugs, kisses, photos with family friends, and spontaneous toasts. I'm thankful for the coordinator, Tamara, who reminded me that all events can't be judged on the event's party-level. Perhaps they should be judged on the event's Love-level. "There's a lot of LOVE in the air." noted Tamara........ She was right.......

Today it all made sense....... Three months later...... I'm not sure what clicked, but it clicked..
Love is the greatest measure. Today I have a new feeling. I feel honored that I was chosen to witness such a great love affair. I feel honored that the couple chose me to provide services for them. And I feel professionally and emotionally taller from the growth that three months of self-bashing and today's light of epiphany has provided......... Ashee & Amen !
Thanks Tam.
Congratulations C & J !
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Event Date: Saturday, November 12, 2011
Event Location: Chrysler Museum
Event Type: Wedding Ceremony & Reception
Event Staff: Seko "DJ Seko" Varner
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