Coming to America - Carl & Donalda 03.24.2012

The Coming to American was a blast. Positive Vibes DJs provided sound and music for the ceremony, DJ & Emcee services for the reception with a light tree. The event was held in Woodbridge Virginia at The Harbour.

"I was at a wedding last year and experienced DJ Seko and just knew I had to have him at our wedding! He traveled from VA Beach to Northern Virginia and he did not disappoint. He did all of our sound for both our ceremony and reception and did so effortlessly. He kept the party going from beginning to end and He is all my guests talked to me about. We had a West African & African-American wedding and he was able to hang with all of our cultural requests as well as keeping the Americans happy. He met with us twice before the wedding and it was our absolute pleasure working with him." - (former Bride, New Wife) Donalda Harding-Jones

This was the "Coming to America" wedding ! Donalda was from Africa & Carl was American. Donalda was worried that merging the two cultural groups at her event might prove difficult.... It was difficult to not celebrate ! We all had a ball. Seko "DJ Seko" Varner & Walter "DJ Vibe" Varner worked the crowd into a frenzy. "This was mad cool." stated Seko as he reported on the event.. "At the end of the night Donalda's mother and auntie even asked "Are you sure your not from Africa ? You have an African name".  Seko made a special 1st dance mix for the couple begining with African drums making a crescendo, mixing into the audio from the Coming to America movie where a male sings "She's your Queennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn..." before Eddie Murphy's Bride to Be entered the room. As Donalda & Carl's guests clapped and laughed Donalda circled the dance floor doing a diva-walk that kinda' told Carl that he was going to have an exhausting honeymoon..... And also harkened that she was indeed his Queen. The sample from the movie then blended into the beginning of Etta James' performance of "At Last." The 1st dance also had some other surprises that made the event as hot as the Sahara !

Thank you Carl & Donalda for choosing Positive Vibes !