It's Mel and Holly Time !

November 5th, 2011 was a magic day. This was New Life………As in New Life Providence Church ! A few days prior to the event in a final meeting with our couple Mel (the groom) noticed the church program from a day ago in DJ Seko’s Event-Performance Binder. “No…..You’re kidding me…….Babe, he goes to New Life too !” It turns out that the officiant for their wedding, Pastor Kevin Turpin, was from New Life Providence. The instrumentalists performing for their ceremony were also from New Life. The couple started attending New Life Providence about four years ago and became members two years ago. DJ Seko’s family started attending New Life Providence six years ago…... Seko recounts that he knew that Mel looked familiar…(Seko’s not claiming perfect attendance here…Maybe 65% or so…. I’m sure some are surprised to read that Seko attends church…….Truthfully Seko needs to attend more (If anybody needs Jesus it's Seko)! (Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha…..We digressed….) Seko and the family-to-be discussed reasons for attending New Life Providence and all laughed knowing that this was really going to be a family affair.

The ceremony & reception took place at The Founders Inn in Virginia Beach, VA. Seko noted that he was pleased that they choose Blue Steel Lighting. Blue Steel presented a moving (actually moving) fall visual which instantly made anyone feel as if they were arriving home for the Holy-Days/Holidays. The couple decided upon using Positive Vibes for the reception only. Seko introduced the wedding party using the Peanuts-Charlie Brown theme called Linus and Lucy. You probably remember the Peanuts cartoons…… This was the song that Linus played which seemed to always start the party ! Seko called the wedding party the “Peanut Gallery” and jokingly noted before introducing the bride and groom that Lucy finally got Linus before providing the “Storybook” introductions that Positive Vibes is known for.
The meal was a blast ! Seko always finds special touches and activities to make the normal boring mealtime a raving foot-stomping party. The energetic dinner soundtrack included Country favorites, Light and Classic Rock, Motown Soul, and upbeat Popular music. The diverse musical selections was a perfect match for the diverse guest demographics. Holly wondered before the wedding if the diverse groups would enjoy themselves……….. Don’t worry, be happy ! A good time was had by all !

Seko ensured that Fred the Photographer remained busy and engaged the crowd in numerous high energy dances and even did a Paparazzi dance allowing moments for the couple and their guests to have the photographer catch them in some fun poses ! The crowd yelled in a frenzy in response to the question “What time is it ?” The correct and refrained answer was “Mel & Holly TIME !”

After all is said and done, this event was absolute fun. We look forward to the anniversary Jam !