Alexia & Benjamin (It's about the Benjamins)

 Here are some scenes from the "Alexia marries Benjamin" that DJ Seko performed. This was a touching event. It was very intimate and the love was felt by all. DJ Seko smiled throughout the event as Seko DJ'ed for Alexia's mother almost two decades ago. The photography was done by Tyler Strickland and he captured the affection for the couple with his striking visuals. Tyler's website is: . The photos speak volumes. This wasn't a party crowd, this was a crowd full of love and support and so on, and so on, and so on.
 Alexia's family is so captivating, in photo and in person !
Our beautiful bride Alexia !
 Sal & Virginia. (Seko DJ'ed their event almost about 17 years ago !) They're still dancing in love !
Our happy couple !
 T'was such a touching event. Thanks for choosing our DJ services. Stay together !!!!!!!
DJ Seko