Sophia and Eseckias Derilus

Sophia & Zeke Derilus !
The couple's photographer, David Schwartz, described this extravaganza in these words:

"It was the West Indies meets Jamaica yesterday. The weather was perfect and there were big cumulus clouds to boot. In the words of Peter Tosh, it was tough not to catch "Reggae-Mylitis" yesterday." Dave, I agree !

I had an absolute ball at this event ! I remember meeting months ago with Sophia who held a devout interest in finding an entertainer who has the ability to 'wuk' her Jamaican family, Zeke's Haitian family, and their international friends. That day her mother stood quietly judging every word I uttered. Her big-brother 'Val' looked over our company's materials and wanted to know......"Can you add to the magic?" I couldn't wait too.
"Sak Passe !" The Haitians were in the house. The Jamaicans were in the house. The ceremony was beautiful. The ceremony was over and the guests began entering the cooled tent following the Caribbean Jazz music I had selected to build upon the couples shared island heritage. As the guests arrived I received the "Where are you from?" question at least 10 times. As I stated "I'm American born !" the next question was "Do you have the music we (Hatians / Jamicans - Choose one) listen too ?" Ten minutes into the reception three of these guests returned asking "Do you make C.D.'s ? This Jazz is great ?" As I smiled and said "No" I realized that this was a formal looking "get-sweaty" party waiting to happen. I then began preparing the guests to get as 'rowdy-rowdy' as possible for the remainder of the evening. Sophia & Zeke had a great group of guests.

David, the photographer, and I shook hands and he finished the photo session with the wedding party (his photos of this event are excellent, click here to view them !) releasing the group to my hands. The couple choose our 'Budget Package', but I ended up giving them the Extreme Package (using information I gleamed from their wedding website) as I was swept into the love and revelry in the air.
I began with an touching Extreme intro' for their officiator Ms. McDaniels. Sophia loved this woman who had often been mistaken for Sophia's sister. Ms. McDaniels and I spoke as I waited for the end of the photo session and Incorporated a lot of her sentiments, and sentiments from our beautiful bride Sophia. Evangelist McDaniels is truly beautiful inside and out. She later prayed over the food and asked the Almighty to bless the dance floor as she knew that it was going to receive a beating that night. I'm surprised the dance floor handled the whooping it received that night and Evangelist McDaniels was one of the main culprits. She prays hard, she serves the Almighty hard, and she partied hard that night.

The wedding party brought the FIRE as they entered the tent. The tent seemed to shake in anticipation awaiting our couple. Zeke and Sophia were truly loved. We enjoyed great food, we enjoyed a beautiful tent from Distinctive Rentals, and we threw down. As the guest ate David snuck the couple out of the room for some extended photos. During this time I took the music directly to Haiti and the dance floor took it's first beating. "Sak Passe !" The Island fever took hold of us and when the couple returned from the photos their guests were dancing up a storm. The couple joined the love-madness and we couldn't stop going. We went from Haiti to Jamaica to America in a musical cruise enjoying ourselves at every stop. Big shouts to big-brother Val and his lovely wife, we celebrated their 28th wedding anniversary (the same day !) and Sophia's birthday in grand style during the reception. This is a great couple and it was a great event. I can't wait to read their feedback form !

Love ya' long time - D.J. Seko VArner of Positive Vibes Inc.
(All photos from David Schwartz Photography)