Make Your Wedding Reception Fun

How to make your Reception fun!

By Walter Varner
Disc Jockey & MC
Note: Walter is a Positive Vibes D.J. and also runs
his own company in Northern Virginia.

Many wedding websites focus on the image of a Wedding: the dress, the perfect flowers, the candles, the linens, the chocolate fountains, etc. However, surveys of Brides and attendees at Receptions have found that what people remember most is not the color of the bows on the chairs or if they had chicken but whether or not they enjoyed themselves at the Reception. With the average price tag of a Wedding and Reception hovering around $20,000, you stand to lose a sizeable portion of your investment if your guests are bored and leave immediately after the cake is cut.

With that in mind, here are some things you can do to make your Reception fun and keep your guests from leaving early.

1. Pick a good site.

Many venues may look nice, but are not conducive to an entertaining event. Don’t, for example, choose an L-shaped room that puts half of your guests out of sight for important events, like the Cake Cutting or First Dance as they’ll feel left out. A large rectangular room, without poles blocking sight-lines, is ideal.

2. Pick a place that will work with you and your agenda.

Many venues like imposing certain things on their wedding clients. There are some hotels, for example, that impose noise limits on your party because there are guest rooms directly above the room where your Reception will take place. Other places will try to force you to do certain things at certain times, i.e. have the cake cutting early so that they can send their 2nd shift workers home and not have to pay them overtime.

You’ll also want a place that will allow your entertainment to setup next to the dance floor to better create an atmosphere conducive to dancing.

3. Choose entertainment that knows how to make an event fun.

I recommend a DJ or a Band. Many people see DJs, for example, as “just the music” and it is true that all Bands and DJs bring equipment and play music. The similarities end there.

Look for Entertainment that is able to not only play music, but to MC the party and special events, such as the Cake Cutting or Father/Daughter Dance. The better DJs and Bands will assist you in creating your agenda to ensure that the party flows well.

You’ll want to interview and audition your Entertainment. After all, that is the person or group that will be representing you at your event. Better Bands and DJs will be able to give you concrete examples of ways they can help make your party fun and should have no problem with demonstrating specific ideas like how they might introduce your Wedding Party or how they might giveaway the centerpieces at your table.

With these tips in mind, you’ll find it much easier to make your Reception elegant and, most importantly, fun.