Shaun & Tawana

"Seko, you did an incredible job. Tawana and I appreciate your every effort in making our reception better than we ever imagined. We enjoyed incorporating your ideas and surprising each other. We are still having guests tell us how our reception was the best they have ever been to. They thought they were celebrities that night. Best wishes always and Peace and Blessings!"
Boy I enjoyed this event ! Shaun choose the Total package for this event. (He had already contracted with another D.J. to perform at his event. He later cancelled that performer and hired me.) He shared during our second meeting that Tawana was insistent upon Positive Vibes specifically you (Seko). Tawana's family had been in the catering business and she had seen my work previously although she hadn't seen the Total Package as performed by me. "It has to be you Seko, it can only be you Seko !" Tawana made it clear what she wanted.
We meet numerous times developing creative ways to touch their guests. Unbeknownst to Shaun we created a customized entrance which brought him to tears as Tawana graced into the ceremony. Unbeknownst to Tawana Shaun and I created a customized 'extended-three-song-plus' first dance which brought Tawana and all of the women in the reception to tears and all of the married couples in the room onto the dance floor area to celebrate the couples love. The 'Front-Page' can be seen in the background of this photo. The Front-Page is a video/photo montage that brands the event for the couple. As we entered the 'Full-Movie' following dinner the guests cheered and got really rowdy-rowdy as we celebrated the Couple, the couple's commitment to Christ, and the Friends and Family visually. The couple were going to Jamaica for their honeymoon and themed the event "The Tropical Paradise." The early music for this event branded the theme and took the guests from the waters of the Virginia Beach Oceanfront to the waters of Sweet Jamaica. "No worries Mon !" As the late Gerald Levert sang in the one of the first dance songs "Sweeter", tomorrow for them will be sweeter than it was today !
Photo credits: Mike Porter of Cherish The Moment Photography & Videography.