Carolyn & Herbert

Old school cool. herb & Car celebrated 25 glorious years and we took it back to 1983 ! Jam-J-J-J-Jam on it ! Last year one of our staff members performed for Carolyn's daughter, a few months ago I performed for this daughter's friend Tawana. Carolyn was at both events and wanted something nice for her 25th. As we talked and planned we found ways to involve her guests into the celebration, and found ways to make her event distinct. Meeting with she and Herbert (herb always spells 'herb' with a small 'h'.) was great and we added an interview to thier "Full Movie". Description of thier justice-of-the-peace wedding were timeless. As the "Full Movie" played the guests laughed and cheered and their antics. On the dance floor we threw down ! Herbert chose "Magic Man" for the first dance and the entire room sang along with the quiet-storm classic. We decided to do an 'Extended First Dance' and all of the couples in the room danced and sang with our couple of honor ! Shouts out to Mr. and Mrs. Shannon & Sheronda who were still reveling in the glow of love from celebrating their first anniversary. From the entrance to the exit we got crunk for the couple. Carolyn simply blushed as one of the tables I coached serenaded the couple during the tour of the tables. Herbert is a true Jazz lover and he and I traded sounds as I segued from my Hip-Hop Jazz collection to his smoothed-out-and-funky smooth jazz. Playing music starting in 1983 was great for the dance floor and we even stepped back a little further in time as the crowd rapped along to Rappers Delight by the SugarHill Gang (Circa 1979)........."Hotel, Motel, Holiday Inn !"..... I'm sure you know the rest. This night was Tha' Bomb ! Thanks for allowing me to blow it up !

D.J. Seko