Sour 16 Party

"There are times when things go wrong, this was one of them." D.J. A.T. stated in our post event debriefing. A.T. has been used to stellar feedback (note the feedback form to the left, click the photo to enlarge the photo) and upon reading the email received from our disgruntled client he was duly bothered. After reviewing what went wrong, and what could be done to prevent these problems in the future, and how to better handle similar problems if faced again, we both signed. This is not the experience we wanted for the client, and she was heated. I was ending a trip to Puerto Rico when D. Prewitt called with her complaint. Immediately upon return a 50% refund was issued. Our procedure is to immediately return 50% of the fee, then to conduct an investigation before providing additional refunds. The client provided us with a written statement detailing her concerns and A.T. and I met. At the end of our meeting we both agreed upon a full refund. There is only one chance for excellence at an event and this time we missed our normal mark. Our client has shared a desire towards pursuing legal action and shared plans to purchase advertisements to promote the debacle. A.T. ended the meeting with sharing all the things that went right. The teens danced and partied hard, and he played a majority of the requested songs. However, when something goes wrong, all the right things don't matter. We stand behind our services. She received all of her money back.