Kim & Mike Roulhac

"My husband and I were very pleased with the service we received from Positive Vibes. D.J. A.T. was excellent. He continuously checked on us throughout the night. He also got the guest to participate. He did an EXCELLENT job! I will use your services again and I will also recommend you to my friends! Thanks for a night to remember! " - Kim Mix Roulhac

Kim's event was fun. The crowd was involved in every aspect of the celebration. As I introduced the bride & groom, I had one side of the room say the bride's name and the other side said the grooms name then everyone said the newlyweds last name together ! Can you say PANDEMONIUM ? It was crazy !

The tour of the tables was unforgettable, without revealing too much I'll just say the couple of honor will never forget what their guests did. I opened the floor with a ring dance. The remainder of the night was women coming out of their high-heels and onto the dance floor with whomever they could grab.

I think the only thing bad thing that happened, was with one of the bridesmaids who......hmmmm.......Ah.... The Party must go on !

Aldred D.J. A.T. Foreman
Photos courtesy of Cherish The Moment Photography.