Otika and Moscoe

"Seko,We loved the work that you did for the wedding. People are talking about all of the video work that was done and I told them that it was all the DJ's work. Of course they were shocked, because no other DJ does work of that caliber. They also loved the music selection for the dancing. My parents and in laws loved everything. Grandma got up and danced and they say she never dances. Thanks for everything that was done."
- Moscoe B. Gardner

She was tall. He was taller. I felt like a dwarf standing next to them. Their day was bigger than the three of us combined. This was truly a family celebration. The family came from far and near and joy filled the room. I provided the Total package taking care of their ceremony and the reception, adding special touches along the way.

The event was held in Queen Street North in Hampton Virginia. This facility is owned by Queen Street Baptist Church and is truly state of the art and in a state of beauty. The ceremony began with a special mix of Jazzy Gospel reflecting the grooms deep religious core. Kenny G's version of "Wind beneath my Wings" highlighted the emotions as the parents and grandparents were ushered into the room. The song was extended to easily allow for the seating, candle-lighting, and recognition of the couples very important guests. I created a special version of "Never" by Jaheim beginning with an accapella and slowly building into the full version. This version beckoned our groom, best man, and the officiator into the ceremony. I heard someone say to her next-seat-neighbor "That's my song !" as Moscoe entered. The wedding singer, seated next to me, laughed saying "That's the perfect song for him." The wedding party entered to an extended version of "Ready for love" by India.Arie. Then it was Otika's time.

Otikia entered on a customized entrance I created adding splashes of Stevie Wonder, a classical rendition of "Here and Now" (made popular by Luther Vandross), a string-quartet performance of the traditional bridal march, and the warmth and love of the bride herself. The crowd was touched the bride's prelude and many women began crying before Otika even entered the room. Moscoe stood tall, strong, and emotionally touched as his soon-to-be-wifey entered the room escorted by her parents. It was on ! The ceremony continued with a great wedding singer, a lovely interactive praise dance, a perfect officiator, a gorgeous broom which the couple jumped highlighted by an African-drumming recording, and lastly the recessional....... We created a mix of the traditional recessional music and "Make me better" by Fabolous and Ne-Yo although I removed Fabolous from this edit. The wedding party partied their way out of the room and I played "The prayer" as the parents and other special guests sauntered out of the room.

A high powered entrance brought the room to high excitement as the wedding party and later the couple graced the ballroom. We brought the couple into the room from a different entrance than the wedding party, throwing even more excitement into the hearts of the guests as they turned around to see that the couple of honor had snuck into their party. Gotta' keep them guessing !

The meal was highlighted by our "Love Movie" full of jokes, interviews, music photos, and video. I shared with the couple how I've wanted to create a movie that will encompass most of the meal time to provide an extra level of excitement. Moscoe wanted to give his guests something more, this was a good match from the beginning.

The party was on ! After conducting the toast, cake, garter and bouquet, we threw down. The couple invited a great amount of mature adults so I knew we could take it to the old-old school ! We also line danced and blues-danced (check the below video) until the facility kicked us out of the ballroom. The bride was stunning, the groom was delighted, and the event was a success. May the couple and the family enjoy prosperity !

D.J. Seko VArner, Positive Vibes