Fab-O 50 !

Toxie was lookin' Foxie !

I had the chance to party with Toxie B. on her 50th Celebration in Surprising Suffolk and the surprise was on me. I had never expected her "mature" crowd to loose thier maturity in such a fun way. Let it be known, the grown and sexy get growner and sexier with the growing years. Toxie and her hubby had a ball with such great friends and family. Seko showed up towards the very end of the event jealous that he wasn't able to be the party starter for this jam. Seko had done a number of events for Toxie and was the D.J. at her 40th birthday a decade ago. Needless to say that "Seko walked in the door and walked on the floor" and began leading some of the line dances that I had playing (after he took a quick video of the blond who was leading the dances initially). Toxie was fine, her friends were fine, and we had a fine time - We had a ball and Toxie couldn't stop smiling. Happy Birthday Toxie - We Love Ya' Girl !!!!

Your 50th Birthday D.J. - D.J. A.T. Foreman