Jalessa & David

"I'm still receiving phone calls of how EVERYONE young, middle and young at heart enjoyed DJ Seko. Family member's that weren't going to come to the wedding came at the last minute and are still talking about how AWESOME you were. Yet, again you went beyond my expectations. I thank God for you and look forward to using your services again." - Minister L. Rivers

Four years ago Jalessa was having her Sweet 16 party. D.J. Danny Rodriguez (former superstar Jock of Positive Vibes DJs) was scheduled to be her D.J. until he had a family event that demanded his immediate attention. I was the back-up staff on that day so I ended up performing at her event. We had an absolute ball ! Jalessa's mother, Minister Rivers, was a bit skeptical at first since Danny had developed such a strong reputation for fun events. She walked away a fan that night telling me "When we get this girl married we will give you a call." We have been in contact a few times since then as Minister Rivers has referred our services to a number of people. Then a few months ago Minister Rivers called our office and said "Guess who is getting married ?"

We met at her job, signed the contract and then began exchanging the necessary information. David's family was of Jamaican descent......"Do you have some good Caribbean tunes ?"...No problems, no worries !

The guests included the couples young friends, the parent's older friends and family, and the parent's conservative church family. After it was all said and done, we all danced, we all partied, and we all prayed and wished for the very best for the young couple !

Jalessa was a beautiful bride ! David is a lucky dude. I feel honored to be a part of their extended family. May the years find you more committed, more settled, and more in love.

Love from your favorite spinner - D.J. Seko
(video captured on a camera phone)