Kristy & King Tee

This was a great event. Kristy family was a hypnotic blend of Greek-Americans, Greek, and Straight up soul-folk. Derwood (King Tee) had one the craziest families, full of side splitting fun. Our ceremony, (yea', I tend to take ownership in the events that I work) was superb. King Tee walked into to "Superman Lover" by Johnny Guitar Watson, Kristy graced the deck of the Lesner Inn escorted by her dear daddy while a special Positive Vibes mix of "The bridal march" & Frank Sinatri crooning "It had to be you". She wowed our guests ! After a touching ceremony by our chaplin (I'm taking too much ownership......I just love this stuff) and the party recessed to Metalica.......... I know..........What an impression !

The reception was a ball. The couple danced throughout the event as the guests snapped photo after photo. FACEBOOK had to be full that morning. I shared the honor of the event with Princess Anne Photography who captured the magic of the event. Cheers to the couple & to the 4 Musketeer Bridal Party. I tell you it was a beautiful sight, and King Tee's Black & Purple tennis shoes almost topped off the event until Kristy showed off her hidden Sparkling Royal Blue "Sex in the City" High Heels. They choose the Extreme Package and special performance touches were performed by me which almost brought HEAT !!!!! Love ya'll 4 LIFE !!
DJ Seko VArner