Shay & Steve

"DJ Seko was amazing....... Overall he received raving feedback from our guests and another wedding planner asked for his information." - Shay Walker-Youngblood

This event was built for fun ! Isha Foss Events was the event coordinator. Digital Dream Makers provided the videography & the photographers were the husband and wife team of Grant & Deb Photographers. We added a lil' downsouth flava' by adding a 'Second Line' into the introductions of the wedding party. We also had a ball during the dinner hour as we sang along to the mixture of Old-School & New-School Soul music favorites that we created just for this occasion. The guests began dancing during the dinner as Shay was belting out the tunes serenading her new husband. Steve just smiled and let his woman lead !

The event remained tailored and expertly handled. The 1st dance ended-up becoming an unexpected special mix ! As I chose "You are" performed by Charlie Wilson, their chosen 1st dance I must have slipped a space down. As I was introducing the 1st dance drawing attention to the bride & groom I thought to myslef "This must be the long version" as the begining notes didn't remind me of the song. 10 seconds as they are dancing I heard Kem's version of "You Are" as the crowd ohh'ed and ahh'ed at the beautifuk scene. Looking towards our coordinator Isha Foss I stated "It's the wrong tune, I'll fix it." Isha seemed surprised, "Look at that smile on her face, she's glowing ! Are you sure ?" replied Isha. Within seconds I beat-mixed Charlie Wilson's version in while I directed the crowd to loudly "Express your love towards the new husband and wife embraced and enjoying their first dance." As the crowd roared saluting the couple via voice and the ringing of glasses. Our beautiful Shay blushed as she heard the familar voice of Charlie Wilson. It's a wrap ! Even the first dance held a special touch that could never be re-created. As the first dance blended into an 'extended first', a Positive Vibes speciality one guest ran up to me shouting "How did you do that ? I love Kem and I LOVE CHARLIE WILSON ! Mixing their songs together was genius !!!! Can I get a copy of that mix ?" I smiled knowing that The Creator always has a Master Plan ! As I smiled at the married couples who were all dancing with our new couple I knew that "we plan, and they plan but the Almighty is the best of Planners !"

The remainder of the night was pure dancing and delight ! We celebrated all the Fathers with a special dance, celebrated all of the mothers with a special dance. Both dances began with the couple and ended with all we were celebrating dancing and singing along ! A special intro before the toast capped off sentimental words from guests that couldn't be stopped. Even after the coordinator removed the microphone from the guests lined up to love the couple the guests kept coming. It was very obvious the couple was loved by all involved. Shouts out to the crew from Mississippi who almost broke the dance floor with the second 'Second Line' of the night. With decorated Umbrellas and Purple sashes, the energy was crazy !!!! I can't wait to see the photos and video !

      A hug from our couple at the nights end stated all that needed to be said. "Everything was excellent !" beamed Shay. This event was a subcontracted event for R2Z Entertainment, which is owned by a former Positive Vibes DJ, DJ HotRod ! Rod shared with me before providing the contract...."Shay does event planning and she's former Military. Everything has to be right just to everything to be o.k." As he called after the event he noted "Shay said you were Awesome ! I don't know what you did, but I'm glad you did it." Simply put, we had a blast. Here is a link to the feedback form:

DJ Seko
Love ya' long-time !