Daniel & Keely - Hampton U. wins again

Daniel was from Chi-Town, Keely was from the planet of drop-dead gorgeous women......"You a' badd girl and ya' friends badd too !" Salutes to Hampton University, my alma-mater, their alma-mater, and the site of their blossoming love.

Daniel is a member of tha' prettyboy Nupes of Kappa Alpha Psi..... But since he wanted all of his guests to have a ball at his reception, they hired a man of Omega Psi Phi as their DJ. "Don't you go round' barking at my event." warned the groom........So when I barked I didn't do it in a round.....Gotcha' !

Daniel wowed his wife (doesn't that sound good Daniel, "your wife") with a special surprise during the first dance, another one of Positive Vibes DJs specialties (We make special thangs' happen !). The smile on her face was priceless, and all of the women in the crowd were visibly touched and a chrous of "Aaaaahhss" spiraled into the heavens. The First dance was an extended first dance, a Positive Vibes DJ specialty which ends with all the couples in the room glowing with the shared love, experience, and romance of the couples dance.

We danced, line danced, party danced, and danced in our seats while the meal was served. Good music, good people, good times. The couple choose our top 'Reception-Only' package, full of extras that really made the event spectacular. "Absolutely, we had an awesome day............Take care! Thanks again for everything!" Daniel stated as he sent me the photos a few months after the gala. I smiled as I read the feedback form. Dan, you know how to flatter a DJ ! "All of the guests commented on how great the DJ was. Seko made our reception the party that we wanted. - Daniel Wilson." I felt honored just to be a part of thier day.
Thier room was expertly lit by Ampha Events and their coordinator, Tanya Frazier, knew just how to allow me to perform at my best and support the magic ! I love working with her and her team. I must also say that her whole crew is a crew of Eye-Candy. (I just won't admit that around my wife...). Daniel & Keely picked the right folk' to make thier day special.

Shouts to the Nupes' who made the day for the Nupe Groom.

May thier union become and remain to be a beacon of light in a murky world. May thier worst day be thier wedding day. May thier Joy continue to resonate in the lives of those who were blessed enough to witness the majesty of The Almighty, as refelected in our couple Daniel and Keely. Cheers !

DJ SEKO VARNER - Positive Vibes Inc.

Daniel and Keely choose our Extreme Package. They enjoyed a tailored mix of music, advanced level wedding party introductions, a grand storybook couple's introduction, an interactive tour of the tables, special guest surprises, our top-level interactions, a dance-floor-focused light show, a pre-toast love-story, and a Club-Party atmospehere. Here is a link to the feedback form: