DejaBlu Saturday nite' ! (1/8/2012)

Doing it hard tonight! DejaBlu is full of ladies on a Gals' nite' out ! We have a number of Birthday Girls in the place and they are going on and going in ! DJ Seko just played "Poison" by BBD and they knew every word ! DJ Seko has been contracted to rock here Saturday nites' for the next few months. He normally strays away from clubs, so this is a real treat. This is the place to be to work off those calories ! Ohhhhhhhhh...... Seko just played Peter Piper....... Havin' an Old-School Foolish time ! As soon as the band finishes performing Seko just promised one Birthday girl that she could get her Electric Slide on. He taught the Biker Shuffle, The Get Your Praise On SLide, and also rocked The Wobble earlier.

The Positive Vibes Party Starter !