Jalonna & Michael

" Hi Seko,
Let me tell you....my guests enjoyed you. They said they have never been to a wedding like that before. Normally while the bride and groom are taking photos the guests are sitting around with nothing to do. You entertained and kept the guests involved..Oh my goodness the lady in the pink suit (my aunt) she danced all night. Thank you so very much for being apart of our special day."
Jalonna & Michael

This was a great event ! Michael and Jalonna chose the Total package. Jalonna picked her father's birthday to wed her perfect man. What a tribute to fatherhood. I don't know if anyone noticed but I teared up during the father daughter dance as I thought about dancing with my daughter at her wedding. Jalonna's friends and family were great and Michael's fam' was crazy fun ! Technically I had a Murphy's-Law event and had to fix so many things along the way in a way that the guests would never know. Events like this one keeps me on my toes and keeps me sharp!

Jalonna's entrance was a tear jerker as we created a very special and touching processional. I overheard one of her guests saying "They didn't do this at my wedding, man I wish I would have been married after this event so I could steal ideas." I laughed quietly and smiled as Jalonna had the effect that she wanted....Original, touching, and tasteful.

The first dance Michael and I created had all of the women either crying or about to cry and had a lot of the guys pointing at Michael and saying "You the Man !"

The "Front Page" video kept the guests oooohing and aaaahing and the "Full Movie" received an ovation as it ended. As I advised the couple in our first meeting, getting the guests onto the floor is an ease if they have been entertained throughout the event....We ended the celebration later than we expected....T'was so much fun.

Their photographer, Neal, worked will with me and their videographer, Bobby Sivills, and I have done so may events together it's hard to remember who we partied with recently. The wait staff from Jem's Catering (From P-Town) always has great food and beautiful wait-staff that keep the guy-guests wanting more than the food. The Smithfield Center staff are always on top of things and I laughed so hard at the guy-guests who gave thier telephone number and hit on the gorgeous main female staff member from the Smithfield center. She was so professional, while she is on the clock she is fully dedicated to the customer and the customer's vendors. She let those fellas' down politely and professionally. I felt bad for the fellas, and I also saw what they saw (There are so many funny things that happen in the background of a special event, I should write a book).

As I was heading out of the door Michael grabbed me and said "You were worth more than what we paid." That statement meant more than any "tip" ever will. I can't wait to see their online feedback form. May their lives be blessed. Oh, the lady in the pink suit was 83 years young and I even saw her doing the "Soulja Boy" dance as we slowed down the music for the romantic couples. She was gonna' get her groove-on regardless !