Kacee and Randy

Kacee chose her parent's lovely home as the site for her nuptials. She is going to be an advertising mogul, he protects our country, I was happy to be their entertainer.

Kacee chose the best of the best. Her photographer Keith Cephus shared on his blog "On June 14th, I had the honor of photographing the wedding of KaCee and Randy at their family’s luxurious estate in Virginia Beach. It was truly an amazing wedding thanks to Cathy and her crew from East Beach Catering. KaCee was truly stunning in every aspect of the world. Her
couture gown would have made Vera Wang raise and eyebrow! The both of them together made a magical couple." Keith is one of the top photographers in Hampton Roads and I used to work for him as a club photographer in the 1990s. I was proud to be chosen as the D.J. for his wedding years ago to his lovely wife. East Beach Catering has one of the best culinary presentations and finger-licking good food! Kacee and Randy chose the best for their day.
The wedding had an Irish theme, celebrating Kacee's Irish heritage. I smiled hearing the traditional Irish wedding music considering that one of my paternal ancestors immigrated from Ireland in the late 1800's and was brave enough to marry a beautiful woman of African descent during that turbulent time in America's history. They became my great-great-great-great-great grandparents: Kiss me, I'm Irish.....Kinda.... A String Trio provided the prelude music and I played the entrance music for the bridesmaids and the bride.
Our special ceremony mic'ing ensured that everyone heard all of the vows and officiating. As the couple exchanged their vows a cool breeze wrapped the ceremony providing a respite from the 95 degree heat that battered us earlier that day. The timing was perfect ! Everyone was comfortable and the sun set about 20 minutes following the nuptials providing a perfect blanket to highlight the beauty of the decorated tent and the captivating house.

The introductions were "to-die-for" and the crowd became so "Rowdy-Rowdy" as our couple entered their reception.
The stunning first dance was choreographed by Joey Starling. As the couple danced we all swooned. I projected the "Front Page" film onto the tent's ceiling, providing an excellent backdrop for the couple's first dance. I initially brought a screen to project the film onto. However, the wind continually blew the screen to the ground. I'm thankful for that wind, having the film on the ceiling of the tent allowed the screen space to become larger and provided a large impact. As the friends and family viewed the "Full Movie" they cheered as the movie reflected the bond the couple held with many of thier guests.

The "Tour of the Tables" was so exciting, the photographer Keith obtained excellent table shots and shared with me "No one does a Table Tour like you do. This gives me so many great pictures."

I opened the toast with a story of the couple's love adding a touch of romance. The Best Man and the Lady of Honor shared funny memories. As we all raised our glasses to the heavens, it was obvious that we all loved this couple.

We partied hard. Kacee's parents 'threw down' and only left the dance floor to tend to the event, and then returned to the floor. Randy's "Five-O" friends and co-workers were non-stop. We enjoyed classic rock, Disco, Funk, Soft-Rock, Blues, and American classics on a packed dance floor. As the Top-40 music began the dance-floor merged onto the grass as everybody joined in the revelry. We all returned to our respective homes worn out. Kacee shared with me that she was so glad that she chose the Total Package. I'm glad she did too ! Blessings be upon Randy and Kacee !
All photos courtesy of Keith Cephus Photography ( with client permission. Visit to view a photo show of Randy & Kacee's event.